19 Sep

Verification is very secure and best way to access any account or web on the device. There are so many people, who have their account on Google Pay, but they are not verified and due to non-verification, the account could not get start or user will not get the benefits of the features and services.  Sometimes, while verifying the account on Google Pay, user has to face minor issues. Some of these issues with their solution are mentioned here for the guidance:
Note: Users make sure that if they are using dual SIM on their phone, the primary SIM should be the same on which Google pay account is working.

  • What number you are using for Google Pay?

If user want to use Google Pay, it is compulsory that they should have Indian Phone number. Google Pay did not work on the international SIM card.

  • What is your Phone Number?

If a user is trying to verify the account but it could not, once check the number user is adding into the required field. Any single mistake in the filling can create big issues.

  • Is User has an active Phone with Balance or not?

Always be sure that user has an active phone number for the future transaction with minimum balance. The balance is required for sending a confirmation SMS to the service team.

  • Whether user online or not?

If customer wants to get a SMS code, so it is necessary that there would be strong signal of internet. Check out of the following things:

  • The mobile data should be turned on
  • Aeroplane mode should be turned off
  • User is located on a place, where signals could reach
  • User should restart Google Pay or device

If still, user did not getting a code, they should once restart their application or phone so that they could get code and use it.  

Now if user could not get the verification code on their device for verifying the application, they can follow the above tricks. They can also reach to the team of well-experienced technicians on Android Pay Helpline Number 1-800-789-560 and get satisfied answer from the team.

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